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Loviù Events borns from a belief that a wedding is like a author’s painting where every single element lives in sinergy with the others and, for this reason, every detail must be taken care with love and competence.
The passion and the professionality, that feature our job, let us accomplish weddings and different events in line with the wishes of our clients.

Who are we? Laura Comparetto Wedding and Event Planner, Martina Botti Wedding Photographer, Katia e Toni Frascati Florar Designers.
Drived by a common desire to share important emotions and fielding our professional resources, we have decided to give life to unique projects in their every facet.

✓ We’ll realize your dreams achieving the wedding that you always dreamed about, everywhere you are
✓ You will be able to save time and money, you’ll experience the organizational phase without anxiety or stress
✓ Our consulting will help you conciliate your wishes with your budget
✓ You will be able to truly have fun at your wedding. We’ll keep an eye on the event success and you will be able to enjoy your best day together with your relatives and friends.
✓ Starting from your ideas, from a color, a symbol, a flower, a style, thanks to our creativity it will be elaborated into a project where all elements will be harmonized with elegance and taste.

Our professionals team will help you from the first meeting to the end of the event. Studying, tailored creating, as well as the design and the complete organization of the wedding will all be taken care in a meticulous way and will be certainly garanteed the costant presence even in the event day. All our trusted and competent collaborators will merge their own characteristics and peculiarity so that your dream could bloom.

“Cuddle you” is our password! We will also take care of your loved guests both before and after the event has ended. We will give assistance to the couple and to the guests for the transport and the accommodation. Maybe with a welcome dinner, or a brunch the day after, or a gulet excursion, or a pool party. Let us help you to achieve all that.

“An intimate marriage by definition” An escape of love with a few guests. This does not mean renouncing a dream, but the opportunity to make it real exactly as you imagined it! We will suggest you enchanting and romantic locations so that the memory of that day will smell like you.
Together we will create a beautiful wedding!

Our team

Laura Comparetto

Wedding Planner

  “Il buon gusto emerge dalle cose semplici” Questa è una delle principali e profonde convinzioni di Laura. Nata e cresciuta a Palermo conosce moltissime delle incantevoli meraviglie che la Sicilia ha da offrire. Le sue esperienze professionali di successo nascono dal mondo del turismo nel 2000 quando diventando titolare e direttore tecnico della sua agenzia di viaggi, ha sapientemente…

Martina Botti

Wedding Photographer in Italy

  Capace di emozionare in ogni suo scatto! Laureata in Marketing e Adversiting, appassionata di comunicazione attraverso l’immagine, nel corso dei suoi studi scopre il suo amore per le arti grafiche e la fotografia. Oggi lavora a Palermo e in tutta Italia come freelance. Il suo stile? Unico! Al centro dei suoi scatti solo le emozioni spontanee e naturali dei…

Toti & Katia Frascati

Floral Designer

  Fioristi per passione! I fratelli Frascati progettano e realizzano con creatività, con arte e armonia originali ed eleganti addobbi floreali. Le loro creazioni, caratterizzate da un’apoteosi di forme , colori e profumi, sono realizzate mediante una costante ricerca e cura dei dettagli, nonché da sapiente tecnica e pluriennale esperienza. Il loro laboratorio e’ la “culla” dove compongono quelli da…


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